It will not be possible to experience a true awakening if you are not free.

If you are in a relationship that prevents you from changing, from speaking your truth, from doing anything that excites you, then you are choosing your partner’s ego over your spirit. Yes, there are dependencies between you—financial, living arrangements, access to children. But your sacrifice is not the source of your safety and happiness. Making an idol of a relationship means that your faith is not in spirit, not in love, not in the mystery of life or in God. You are placing your faith in one person to save you, to provide everything you need—a strategy sure to fail.

How do you know if you are in this type of relationship? Simple, there are things you can’t do or say. If you were free, you would be able to express every thought, every feeling, share every new idea. You would be free to connect with others in peace, free to do whatever you want and it would all be openly accepted. Yes, there can be challenges, which you would lovingly work through.

If you have chosen to be unfree in a relationship, you may find yourself tempted to lie or deceive. You argue and fight. You negotiate. You resent. You manipulate. But if you were free, there would be no reason to do any of these things. You would just do what you want to in peace.

Spiritual awakening is not something you can keep inside. It requires the possibility of souls connecting in love, honesty, acceptance. You are awakening to universal truth, connecting to the great mystery of life, serving your function and purpose, allowing abundance and love to flow into your life. If you are holding back in fear of a partner, you are making an idol of your relationship and a full awakening is impossible.

To awaken fully, place your faith in the love inside you, in the knowledge that the universe is abundant if accessed in the present moment. Love all completely and unconditionally. Take your partner along in this transformation, and if he doesn’t want to come then it is time to do the most difficult thing of all: accept whatever happens. No judgment of good and bad. Love and let happen. This is when your true spiritual practice begins. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Let your body’s wisdom point the way. (Deepak Chopra)

Your body is a learning device. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how your body feels. You don’t need to travel to some far away country, or to plunge into a new relationship or career, or to find a new spiritual guru or religion to transform your life. Your body, itself, is your greatest teacher and available to you now.

Your body is speaking to you now. How do you feel. Is there tension or anxiety? This comes only from fear—which comes from belief in past and future. Tension and anxiety come directly from the belief that you are your body. Let go of this thought system, align with spirit, and feel the tension, anxiety, and discomfort release.

To take good care of your body is to take good care of your greatest teacher. If you abuse the body, are severely out of shape, or somehow trying to numb the way you feel, then you are going through life at a severe disadvantage.

Abuse of the body is done by the ego. In the egoic state, you look to overeating, to substances, or even escapes like playing video games all night—because you are trying to escape your tortured thoughts. When you awaken, you no longer need to escape those thoughts. You can observe them, laugh at them, and even shut them down for a while. A person who is conscious does not allow thoughts to turn into feelings.

In the awakened state, the body is pure. Now you join complete knowledge. Your body feeds you feelings of inspiration, passion, excitement. You are bursting with positive energy deep inside and you channel this into loving others and creating. Your body is, indeed, your greatest teacher. Respect it and use its wisdom. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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To sacrifice is to destroy everything of value for no reason at all.

To sacrifice is to trade something you do want for something you don’t. Why? What’s the purpose? Here’s the literal definition of sacrifice: “To kill as an offering to God.” Would God ask us to kill? What about the biblical commandment “thou shall not kill”? So who is really asking us to sacrifice and why are we so willing?

The world asks us to sacrifice so much of our time in school or work. In marriages and close relationships, we are also expected to sacrifice ourselves for the vague purpose of the other. We are told that parents must also sacrifice for the good of the child. We sacrifice for our country, for religion, and for nothing more than what the neighbors might think. Why? What is the reward? Does the reward ever come?

If you sacrifice in school, you get good grades. Congratulations, now you can go to graduate school and sacrifice even more. Sacrifice yourself at work and you may (or may not) get a promotion. Congratulations, now you have more responsibilities and can sacrifice even more. Sacrifice your needs to a spouse and what do you get? Well, the expectation that you will continue to sacrifice forever. Through sacrifice, we trade away everything in life we want in exchange for being asked to sacrifice more. This fear-based, blind willingness to prove something to others through sacrifice is making us hollow, empty, depressed and miserable.

Enough. Today we drop sacrifice altogether and awaken to a life rooted in love. This requires freedom. From the perspective of fearless freedom, we look past the noise and listen instead to the answers of intuition.

Now, we begin to serve on our own terms—from a place that feels good—a place of unlimited energy, inspiration and beauty. It is through love, not sacrifice, that we create abundance by taking care of family, customers, colleagues, and business partners. So if anything is to be sacrificed at all, today we sacrifice the idea of sacrifice. There is nothing of value to be found in sacrifice, only in love.

Anyone asking you to sacrifice wants to make you a slave. Rather than agreeing to the terms of slavery, just find the love within. Now give and serve on your terms—with no fear, no guilt, no shame. In the coming days, we begin a radical and dramatic shift away from sacrifice and we move deeply into love. Let’s continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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If the human race is to survive, it will have to go on to the next phase. (Eckhart Tolle)

This is not about me and not about these words. Yet through these words, hopefully I am reminding you of a knowing that already exists within. In truth, there is no me and no you; rather, we are as one human soul with a perfectly shared understanding within the realm that matters. I am only reminding you about what you already know matters, and here there can be no disagreement.

If the human race is to survive, we need only remember what matters. At some level, we all know that our way of life is unsustainable, that we are on a crash course, and that at some point the collective ego will have caused so much destruction to the planet that the human race cannot survive.

So what are we supposed to do? We don’t have the power to overthrow the government, or even the arguments to convince our neighbors to change their minds. If it all feels outside your control, that’s because it is. The good news is that there is no true power in external form anyway. Power is, by definition, something you can control. The only realm you can control is within.

Yesterday we said that love is always the answer. If, today, we are asking a question, then let’s return to the answer. Love is what will save us. Love will save the human race and life on Earth.

A person who has fully-awakened to the love within can cause no harm. Here, there is no conflict, no greed, no hunger to acquire more, no need to take from another. In love, there is no miscreation of monstrosities—only creations that are useful, healthful, and beautiful. In love, there can be no lack, no brother or sister is left to suffer, no desire to cause harm to life, no problems.

One day we will look back on life before love as if it were only a terrible dream. Until then, we continue bringing the light of love tomorrow and each day after that.


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Love is always the answer.

“Teach only love, and learn that love is yours, and you are love.” -A Course in Miracles

In love, the boundaries between giving and receiving are blurred. There are no questions to ask or solutions to work toward. There are no imperfections and nothing more to be desired. Teaching and learning are the same. Life is effortless. Love is spirit—making everything perfect and complete.

At some point in life, everyone has experienced perfect love. We all know what the spark of perfect love is, yet we have come to believe that perfect love is only temporary and fleeting.

If love fades, it is only when the ego takes over. Where is love in attack? In secrets kept? In judgements? In threats to impose conditions? Most marriages and relationships turn love into nothing more than a construct—an idea expressed in symbols of behavior rather than a state of existence that is felt. As the feeling fades, all that is left are the memories, the promises made, and the lifetime of duty and sacrifice ahead. In this, there is no love; and so love is not felt.

If you don’t already know it deeply, here is your mandatory lesson: love is inside you. Do not seek it elsewhere. Can you sit quietly in a room and find all the love you need within yourself? If not, start reading. Start with a book called “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Continue on, perhaps with my book (free at, “Belove: How to End Pain by Escaping Your Ego” by me, Mark Manney. Here you will learn the difference between what the ego calls love and what Love truly is. You will also find quotes from many other must-read books.

Whatever you are going through, wherever you struggle, whatever doesn’t feel right in your life…no matter what it is, the answer is love. Find it within yourself and then extend it, live it, teach it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Spirit is conflict-free

Spirit perceives only what is true in your mind, and connects with only what is true in other minds. While the ego projects to exclude and make separate, spirit extends to bring together as one.

Wherever spirit looks, it recognizes itself and sees no other. This is peace—existence without conflict. This is also love. Love is the coming together as one, which is why love can only be found in spirit. While the ego may speak of a love based on rules, expectations, and exclusion of others; this is not love at all. When the ego declares love, it just as easily justifies attack, manipulation, jealousy and possessiveness.    

You cannot engage in conflict apart from the ego. All conflict depends upon the idea that there is an “other” who is different and separate. Ego cares about those differences, it compares and competes, looks for flaws and judges sins. If you get pulled into any form of conflict, you are making your ego what is real and forgetting about spirit.

To see wholly in spirit is to live without suffering, in perfect love and abundance, and in the peace of God. After you have awakened to spirit, you can still interact with egos, still engage in the ways of the world—and you’ll do so more effectively than ever because now you see it as a game. Play the game of the world, but don’t take it seriously. Stay in the present moment, stay conscious, be love. You are eternal spirit. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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I Am Magazine - seeking local leaders

If you own a conscious business—maybe you are a spiritual teacher, life coach or yoga instructor—one of your biggest challenges is finding new clients. I’d like to present a partnership proposal is to grow your business locally—giving you a wider platform for change while attracting greater financial abundance into your life.

Summary of Proposal

The I Am by Infobeing Foundation will be publishing a monthly spiritual magazine with life-changing teachings (see the daily Abscondo teachings on this site for the content that is being used). We are custom printing the color magazine for your community according to demand.

You are a pillar of your community, yet you probably struggle to reach more customers. Coordinate the local distribution of the I Am by Infobeing Magazine and you get:

  • A free, prominently featured ad each month for as long as our magazine is printed for your community.
  • 50% share of sponsorship money beyond the cost of printing (extra income for you).
  • An additional piece of content of your choosing in each issue.

We will be using a street distribution strategy—providing an opportunity for homeless and underprivileged to sell copies of the magazine for a suggested donation of $2 —then keeping 100% of the donations raised. We can also distribute through local businesses, “paper boys” or however we want.

If you find the content and mission inspiring, then your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Identify the people who will work the streets to get this message out. Homeless, unemployed, seniors, local businesses, teens looking to make extra income, local organizations looking to raise funding.
  • Coordinate the distribution of the magazine each month. Get the right number of copies into the hands of the people who will sell the magazine to the public.
  • Help us bring in at least 4 advertisers willing to pay $300 to have their ad featured. For the first edition, we will be printing 1,000 copies. When we sell-out those copies, we will print the 2nd edition according to projected demand. The cost of printing 1,000 magazines is $1,281. We need to cover this through sponsorships. You may know friends looking for a way to promote their business to the conscious consumers in your community. We will also help with outreach to local businesses.

That’s your role. Our role is content, magazine editing, helping to find sponsors, printing, delivery, sponsorship collections, and more. We want to serve you, but your role in coordinating this locally is essential.

Why are we doing this?

The “I am” message will change lives and accelerate an awakening of consciousness in your community and worldwide. In addition to your free ad, we will also be including ads for our spiritual social media mobile app, called “I am” by Infobeing ( This is a mobile app that will decentralize your community by providing access to new relationships, opportunities, freedom and abundance to all. It will also get these teachings out to the world. The magazine is our way of spreading the word about the social media app that decentralizes society and sparks a massive awakening.

As we increase circulation in your community, we will also be seeking additional paid sponsorshipsincome for you and funding for the foundation. When a magazine scales, printing costs go down and contributions from sponsors go up. Over time, this can have a huge impact in transforming your community and generating funds.

Everybody wins!

You win because your free ad attracts more customers to you. Readers of the magazine win by awakening to truth and ending suffering in their lives. The underprivileged / homeless win with an opportunity earn cash (short-term) and to awaken to their true potential (long-term).

We take consciousness mainstream in your community while sparking a global movement via the “I am” mobile app. Please review some of the content on this site, have a look at the sample pages below, and get in touch with me at to discuss next-steps.

With gratitude,


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Contact me at to explore this further and to get started.

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What is phsychological projection?

The ego projects to reinforce its idea of specialness or separation. “Projection” is a psychological theory in which we reject our own qualities or impulses by denying their existence in ourselves while attributing them to others. This is a tool of the ego to reinforce the idea that it is separate from, different, and superior to others.

The ego uses projection to destroy your perception of yourself and others. The process starts by excluding something in you which you do not want. Then, by attempting to project it onto others, you attempt to rid yourself of this characteristic by excluding yourself from those others. It doesn’t work, and you are then alone, suffering in denial of yourself.

Projection is a thought system to make the other guilty, and then use this as a justification for attack. Anger and negativity is generated, everyone gets worked up, and the ego has a chance to feed, to strengthen.

Instead, let’s starve the ego. Start with unconditional self-love—a knowing that you are perfect. Because there is nothing to reject about yourself, there is nothing to reject about others. The love you feel for yourself is easily extended to all. Where the ego rejects or represses, spirit accepts unconditionally. Where the ego sees separateness or superiority, spirit sees similarity and unity.

When did we learn to reject ourselves to begin with? Where did this guilt and self-loathing come from? We have made the fundamental error of believing the projections of others. Church and government tell us we are sinners and criminals—yet is their behavior different from what they accuse us of? They have made the sinners and criminals they see by using their authority to project. Schools, family members, friends and neighbors have learned projection long ago, believed in it, and they have been good teachers.

But today, we listen instead to the teacher within. We undo projection by loving and accepting ourselves completely. All these attacks, for all this time, have been nothing real—only projection. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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The way to end a bad dream is to awaken.

In sleep, a terrible nightmare causes you so much disturbance that you eventually escape that dream by waking. Now from the awakened perspective, you realize that it was only a dream and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Calm settles over you, you close your eyes and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

To believe you are only this physical form, this body and mind in this time and place, is like being lost in a dream without knowing it. To be spiritually unaware, in the egoic state, is to experience the ups and downs of temporary highs followed by suffering and depression. All the while, you are afraid because you feel vulnerable—seeing this temporary existence as all there is.

Terrible suffering, like a terrible dream, reminds us that there is a way out. We remember that it is possible to awaken. Life gives you whatever level of suffering you need to reach this point of escape from the dream. If a little bit of suffering doesn’t do the trick, here comes a bit more, and still more, and finally a challenge so impossible, a pain so deep that you reach your limit.

Spiritual awakening is like coming up for air, entering another realm, finding peace and love like you’ve never known. From this higher perspective, life is no longer scary. You can rest your head on the pillow and go on—this time without the ups and downs, without the suffering—in peace and stillness. This time the colors are more alive, there is beauty everywhere and life becomes a good dream.

These spiritual teachings are pointers that I hope you remember when the suffering becomes too great. Better yet, don’t wait for any more suffering. Come up for air now. Awaken. Escape the ego. More people than ever are awakening to presence—consciousness becoming aware of itself. Awaken from life while you are still alive, while you can still enjoy this dream. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Beauty is experienced only when the mind is still.

“Mind can neither recognize nor create beauty.” Eckhart Tolle

The greater your ability to see without thought or to observe without labeling, the greater your capacity to experience and appreciate beauty. Others may talk of a beautiful day, comment on a beautiful flower, but true beauty can only be experienced in the absence of thought, the absence of words and labels.

“The mind, left to itself, creates monstrosities.” Most of today’s art and music is created from the mind. An artist who does not know how to stop thought cannot create anything of beauty—only works of ambition that exhaust an audience rather than inspire. These miscreations of the mind may grab the attention of other minds for a moment but, absent of beauty, cannot inspire and therefore cannot endure.

An egoic work of ambition sometimes produces short-term success, but only after massive promotion. As promotion fades and a new hit emerges, it will disappear and be forgotten. Works of true beauty, on the other hand, slowly grow in popularity and then endure for ages. That which is truly beautiful is timeless.

To create from the realm of spirit, the zone of complete knowledge, requires no thought and little effort. Giving birth to a true work of beauty leaves you energized and inspired. Here there is no ambition, no desperation, no awareness of competition and no possibility of failure.

To perceive from the realm of spirit is to let go of the problem of information overload. You easily ignore that which was created only with the ambition to engage your mind. Instead, you notice only that which is truly beautiful—that which connects you to the realm of love, life, and truth.

Now we learn to create gaps in thought so that we can see beauty tomorrow and each day after that.  


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