The world isn’t here to make you happy; rather, to make you conscious.

When problems arise, our minds tell us that they ought not be happening. Plans fail, then we feel unjustly trapped within a life that we ought not have. Love relationships fail to deliver salvation, so we feel as though we are with the wrong partner.

If life isn’t easy, it is by design. Challenges push us toward awakening. The failure, the suffering, it is there to push us further. If a bit of suffering doesn’t inspire growth, we are given more. Cling to ego and the suffering escalates even more.

To go beyond suffering is to experience a holy instant — an awakening to the eternal present moment, an acceptance of all that is, a decision to trade all fear for complete faith in perfect love. Awakening first happens in an instant and then, by then establishing a daily spiritual practice, can last forever.

The world shows us everything consciousness is not so that, through contrast, we can know what it is. Consciousness wants to come into this world through us — carrying with it the divine knowledge and lasting bliss of perfect love. Our challenges are not problems at all; rather, only powerful reminders to go deeply into consciousness.


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Be willing to judge the ego’s thought system with perfect honesty.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you know exactly what you want. Basically, you want to be happy. You want to feel good and have fun. You want to love and to be loved. You want positive new experiences. You want health, joy and peace.  

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you will admit that the normal way of thinking and behaving will never deliver what you deeply want and need. Even so, the unobserved mind (or ego) thinks that it is supreme; even as it spins out of control trying to figure everything out, impotently tries to control situations and people, and judges everything as either good or bad. It also wants to identify as superior to others; as if being more right or better is the path to happiness.  

The unobserved stream of thought is exhausting and the cause of illness and suffering. The ego robs us of bodily energy as it blinds us to reality. Here there is constant thinking but no knowing, endless seeking but no finding. If you believe that your mind, alone can figure out how to get what you most deeply want, then no amount of self-help reading, life coaching or therapy will do you any good. Revoke the ego's authority. What you want is beyond its range.  

Normal people have been taught, since grade school, to trust the rational mind as the guiding compass. While this outdated idea is well-intentioned, in practice we end up sacrificing everything at the altar of ego. What is sacrifice but absurd idea of giving up what you want to get it back at some point in the future? 

That voice in the head, if it were a roommate, is someone who you would have thrown out long ago. But, because the voice sounds like yours, most people think that everything it says is true (even when those internal arguments and counterarguments blow in the wind).  

To observe thought is to rest in your true identity as consciousness, then to smile at the roommate in the head without taking it seriously. Thoughts do serve a purpose, but only after the decision is made to place faith in honesty and truth. You are perfect consciousness made flesh, eternally perfect, and only the undoing of ego is required to remember.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Do not try to look beyond yourself for truth. Truth is in you. (A Course in Miracles)

Happiness does not come in the form of money or possessions. Knowledge does not come from a university. Health does not come from a doctor. Authority has nothing to do with police or politicians.

Sure, money and possessions can add enjoyment to your life. University can sometimes lead to a better life situation. Access to health care when you need it is sometimes useful. Obeying the law is usually a good idea. Yet none of this has anything to do with truth.

We have become weak by the lessons of this world. The only teachings worth a damn are the kinds that give us permission to ignore all the manipulative voices of control, authority, and normalcy. We spend our lives trying to fit in, caring what people think, not saying what we mean or doing what we want. We sacrifice. We try to be normal. It is a game, and though we appear to get better at it in time, in time we also become more and more lost inside.

To become lost is to forget that you already have everything within. Lost, your fearful mind consumes your energy and awareness. Most people have become ill – barely noticing the vibrancy of life right before us in this eternal present moment.

Don't doubt what you know to be true. Go to this place every day and live from here. How do you know you are here? Because you feel good, you are inspired, and you know exactly what to do.

In presence, you become a source of love, creativity, beauty and inspiration. This is how you shine your light onto the world. Here total success and total abundance naturally flows from you and to you – though that is never the goal. The goal is only to exist in perfect truth and to not let anyone make you doubt it, hide it, or take it away. I know that this isn’t easy, but neither is the alternative.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Love is not selective

Eckhart Tolle continues, “There may be one person who reflects your love back to you more clearly or more intensely than others, and if that person feels the same toward you, it can be said that you are in a love relationship with that person.”

Nothing is more wonderful than finding true love. But when rules, demands or expectations enter the relationship, true love will fade. The relationship then becomes needy, dependent, egoic – proven through sacrifice and protected through exclusivity. Now the relationship becomes jealous, depressed, and dishonest as you cling to each other in duty and fear. This is how most people do relationships because most of us are never taught that there is a better way to love.

Even in an addictive, egoic relationship, there may be moments when the mind gives up control and the ego subsides. Perhaps at the start of a relationship, or while witnessing the miracle of childbirth, or perhaps making up after a terrible fight. Now the possibility arises for true communication and oneness. But if the ego has not been permanently and consciously removed from the relationship, things will quickly return to normal.

To experience an ongoing love relationship, stay present with your partner. If negative or fearful thoughts about the relationship creep in, don't follow them. Let thoughts go. Make no assumptions or judgments. Also let go of past or future. Thinking is useless in love. The mind cannot figure out love because love is the stuff of consciousness. Love can only be experienced in the absence of thought when we are vulnerable and honest.

Love is all-inclusive, limitless, and does not need to be controlled or restricted. To let go is to decide that you do not want to possess your partner or to be possessed. In a true love relationship, you may also find that neither of you has a serious need to search externally for something more. In love, nothing is lacking even as nothing is off-limits. To let go in a relationship does not mean losing someone; rather, loving someone.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty – can relationships be this simple?

Yes. Relationships are this simple. If you can do this, then you have completely removed ego from the relationship so that it is a love relationship. Whatever happens now happens in love.

Give unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty. Act as though you have already been given the same from your partner. Explain what you are doing and be consistent. It is best not to even negotiate this or ask for permission. If you are truly loving, then it is your divine right to live in truth. Aligned with love, you can know with perfect certainty that here is nothing wrong with what you want, need, or desire.  

What happens next in this type of relationship? Very quickly, you will either grow much closer together in loving bliss or you will calmly separate in loving understanding. One path offers pure joy, the other is temporarily very painful. It is up to your partner to decide whether to join you in the state of bliss that is your eternal right, your identity. Whatever happens, love and truth ultimately become the foundation of your life. This, you do want. 

Love is the energy of life, but it is an energy that can only flow through relationships that are based on unconditional acceptance and total honesty about everything. The thought system of perfect love enables you to easily accept everything and hide nothing. If you can do this, then you have transcended ego. Whether you call it enlightenment, awakening, or salvation, what is required is a total escape from ego.

Any person who decides they want it can easily learn how to transform their life by reading my books, following the teachings on the Abscondo blog, or starting some other true spiritual practice that extends to the dimension within and goes beyond the form-based, egoic structures of conventional religion.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

If you are afraid to look, you cannot see. If you are afraid to do, you cannot know.

To put something off or wait until the future is to reject. Someday really means never. To work on it or think about it is to say no.

The voice in the head is filled with a continuous stream of seemingly good reasons for not trying something new, not following our passions, not doing what excites us and not living our dreams. But the only real reason we fail to do what inspires us is always fear—the confused logic of ego. The ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find.” To follow this normal, seemingly rational and yet insane thought system is to suffer.

If something or someone interests you, inspires you, or excites you—then this is the universal intelligence of consciousness insisting that you go for it. To choose fear and paralysis instead is to withdraw, to experience that sinking feeling of depression rather than the joy of aligning yourself with the creative force of life.

Can it be that your happiness is just around the corner, but for now it makes more sense to remain paralyzed with fear? No.

Enjoy life now, even as you accept your life as it is and continue to do what you must. Just let some of the garbage go, so that there’s space in your life to do what excites you. There’s nothing wrong with who you are or what you want. Upon your authority over you, you have permission to do what you are meant to do. This is how you grow, learn, come alive, and shine your love and beauty into the world.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. (Eckhart Tolle)

Addiction is an attempt to escape pain and suffering through something or someone. Rather than dealing with the pain, addiction is an attempt to cover it up. For a while, it seems to work. Eventually, the euphoria wears off and what emerges is an even greater pain. This point is obvious enough when we look at substance abuse, but can also apply to romantic relationships.

A new relationship may seem like the answer to your problems or the end of your suffering. The euphoria of any new relationship will wear off. If the underlying pain or suffering is not dealt with directly, it eventually reemerges. You then direct it toward your partner for supposedly failing to make you happy. In truth, nothing and no one external can make you happy or can end your suffering—at least not for long.

If there is a problem in your life causing pain or suffering, then it must be accepted and looked at directly. Go within. Meditate. Talk about it. See the reality of the circumstance. This cannot be done within the ego’s thought system. All solutions flow from the deep humility of love. All knowledge flows from consciousness.

Only after healing can you enjoy relationships. If you choose to do so, you may also enjoy some of the things that other people get addicted to. Now that peace is your normal state, there is nothing you need to escape from and nothing you do becomes an addiction.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

The ego does not know what a real question is. (A Course in Miracles)

Most questions are not real questions. They are framed so that only one right answer is possible. Answer differently and you will be ignored or attacked.

The answers to the following questions are clear and obvious: What is the point of it all? Why do bad things happen to good people? How can I learn to love myself? How can I learn to forgive? Will I ever be able to trust? Why am I overthinking everything? Why am I constantly ill? Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

The ego wants the answer to be “who knows” or “poor you” or “it isn’t fair” or “someday”. Respond to any of these questions with an honest, truthful, simple answer and the ego will either ignore you, attack you, or back away by calling the question “hypothetical”.

These questions are clear and the answers are obvious. But to accept the answer is to live from beyond the ego. This, the ego cannot accept, so the voice in your head tells you to back away. If you still think that voice is you, then you comply. You suffer for a bit longer (maybe for the rest of your life).

If you really do want to love yourself, to forgive, to trust, to let the past go, to move on, then ask real questions and accept the clear and obvious answers. Everything you most deeply want is yours, but not from within the tragic limitations of ego.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

The ego is capable of suspiciousness at best, and viciousness at worst. That is its range. (A Course in Miracles)

Taking the ego seriously is the cause of our problems. The ego is an inherently flawed thought system; whereby its full range varies only between suspiciousness and viciousness. Where is there any possibility here for love, joy, peace, certainty and trust?

The ego is that voice in the head beating you up all the time, causing problems, making you emotional, fearful, willing to hide from reality or to attack. That’s not you, that’s your ego. It merely disguises itself as you by using your human form. Also, when other people act this way, that’s not them. That’s their ego tricking them. All egos share the same dysfunctional and insane thought system. The thought system of perfect love is the anti-ego, but transcendence of ego is never easy.

“The ego is particularly likely to attack you when you react lovingly, because it has evaluated you as unloving and you are going against its judgment. The ego will attack your motives as soon as they become clearly out of accord with its perception of you. This is when it will shift abruptly from suspiciousness to viciousness. Yet it is surely pointless to attack in return.”

“You cannot evaluate an insane belief system from within it. Its range precludes this. You can only go beyond it. Look back from a point where sanity exists and see the contrast.”

To attempt to change anything about your life from within the ego is pointless, impossible, and absolutely will not work. If you want anything about you or your life to change, you must be willing to escape the ego’s grip. The ego is undone when you become perfectly honest, vulnerable, trusting, accepting, open and giving—in other words, loving. Of course, the voice in the head will give you many reasons why you can’t do this. The ego is cunning.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

The future is what you make of the present.

“Eternity is one time. Its only dimension being always.” -A Course in Miracles

Eternity is the ongoing present moment. Time, which is nothing more than a useful and practical tool for coordinating the dream of life, is based only on the movement of our planet. Time is relative to our experience of life on earth, but ultimately unreal in the universal sense. To understand this changes some things.

To believe in time is to become impatient and scared of the future. We live as though we are limited by the past and we wait for miracles in the future. In time, we isolate ourselves from others and live entirely in our minds. We wait – and by waiting for anything in the future, we make it unattainable. The future is never.

“You cannot perform a miracle for yourself, because miracles are a way of giving acceptance and receiving it. In time, the giving comes first, though they are simultaneous in eternity where they cannot be separated.”

A miracle is what happens when you let the past go and realize that the future is what you make of the present. In the oneness and safety of the eternal now, you become vulnerable and open. You awaken to everything that comes across your field of awareness: the colors, the textures, the sounds, the feelings, the words, the other souls, the smiles. Fall in love with the present moment, which is life. Greet life, each moment, in only truth and absent of fear.

Now you are humble, and the ego is dormant. You are fearless, unafraid to love and to accept others. You give everything in faith and receive everything in gratitude. When you don’t receive, you accept even this. The miracle has already occurred. It is love, which brings enduring beauty, truth, freedom and joy to this eternal now.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.