Building a life upon a foundation of illusion ultimately leads to suffering and crisis.


Cling to any error, and the natural process of correction is experienced as suffering. If ongoing suffering doesn’t inspire you to correct course, crisis ultimately will.

There is nothing you can do to make illusion real. Reality cannot be different from how it is. The struggle to make illusion real only brings you endless sacrifice, great effort, ongoing challenges, a lot of frustration and misery—and it will never succeed. Dishonesty and avoidance of truth is not the path toward happiness.

Telling the truth undoes illusion. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

His love is but an instant farther on the road where all illusions end. (A Course in Miracles)

His love is, of course, referring to the peace of God…which can otherwise be called heaven, salvation, awakening, or lasting happiness.

An instant farther on the road to where all illusions end means the moment after you have dispelled all illusions—when you have chosen the path of truth and honesty.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


There are many portals through which you can switch to the awakened state of consciousness, but there is one foundation upon which all others depend: honesty.

The first step toward, and the foundation of your awakening is something you already understand completely: the decision to always welcome the truth and to tell the truth.

Withhold honesty anywhere and the switch cannot occur. Without perfect honesty, awakening is impossible. Without awakening, lasting happiness is impossible.

There are many paths to salvation. Present moment awareness is one. Shifting to a thought system of perfect love is another. Atoning for your sins is yet another.

Present moment awareness, without perfect honesty and acceptance of truth, is impossible. Cling to dishonesty anywhere and you are making the past real by trying to maintain deception. Fail to come clean and you are making your fear about the future real. Without perfect honesty, you cannot go all the way to present moment awareness and true awakening cannot have happened.

Now let’s look at perfect love as a portal into the awakened state. Love requires openness, honesty, and unconditional acceptance. What we are referring to, when we talk about the thought system of perfect love, is a total commitment to truth and honesty between two people. Do this always and you have perfect love always. Fail to tell the truth, or fail to accept the other unconditionally, and you fail to love. This doesn’t mean you have to remain stuck with a person who you don’t want to be with; just that you can love him or her perfectly even as you are free to do whatever you want.

As for atonement; what is atonement other than apology and the correction of error? What error can there be other than an attempt to make illusion real and truth unreal? True apology is the correction of error, and the fundamental error can only ever be an unwillingness to tell the truth and accept reality. The error is always dishonesty, on some level, and the correction is always telling the truth and wanting only truth.

When we realize that telling the truth is awakening, awakening becomes inevitable. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


The error of dishonesty

What causes suffering other than living in a way that is inconsistent with your truths? This is detachment from reality. This is making the past and future more real than this reality, now. This is the choice for separation. In all forms of dishonesty, you are attempting to make illusion real rather than the truth.

Illusion cannot be made real, and the attempt to do so is experienced as suffering. Furthermore, illusion is always exposed through what we call crisis. What causes crisis other than the truth emerging where there has been dishonesty? Avoid dishonesty and avoid not just suffering, but also crisis.

Choose perfect honesty in your life by telling the truth, looking at the truth, and welcoming it everywhere. This shifts your life to the present moment, where everything real is understood and illusion no longer exists. Now, any challenges that come your way can easily be dealt with in the present; and always with perfect honesty, openness, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Telling the truth and wanting truth everywhere in your life is awakening. This is a big realization that you've maybe never heard expressed in this way. More to come, on this topic, for a very long time. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


It will not be possible to experience a true awakening if you are not free.

If you are in a relationship that prevents you from changing, from speaking your truth, or from doing anything that excites you—then you are sacrificing your perfect truth in favor of illusion.

If you love someone, of course there are dependencies between you. There are the finances, there’s the living situation, there are questions about the way each of you parent, etc. So what? Why can’t you rely upon each other without sacrificing your truth?

In any unfree relationship, suffering becomes the normal functioning and crisis the normal ending. How do you know if you are in this type of relationship? Simple, there are things you can’t do or say.

If you were free, you would be able to express every thought, every feeling, share every new idea. You would be free to connect with others in peace—free to do and say whatever you want—and it would all be openly accepted. Yes, there may be challenges, which you would lovingly work through openly.

If you have chosen to be unfree in a relationship, you may suffer a great deal and even find yourself tempted to lie or deceive. You argue and fight. You negotiate. You resent. You manipulate. But if you were free, there would be no reason to do any of these things. You would just accept each other and love each other as you both do what you want to in peace.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Let your body’s wisdom point the way. (Deepak Chopra)

Your body is a learning device. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how your body feels. You don’t need to travel to some far away country, or to plunge into a new relationship or career, or to find a new spiritual guru or religion to transform your life. Your body, itself, is your greatest teacher and available to you now.

Your body is speaking to you now. How do you feel. Is there tension or anxiety? This comes only from fear—which comes from thoughts of past and future. Tension and anxiety come directly from the belief that you are your body. Let go of this thought system, align with spirit, and feel the tension, anxiety, and discomfort release.

To take good care of your body is to take good care of your greatest teacher. If you abuse the body, are badly out of shape, or somehow trying to numb the way you feel, then you are going through life at a severe disadvantage.

Abuse of the body is an attempt to escape tortured thoughts. After you awaken, you no longer need to escape those thoughts. You can observe them, laugh at them, and even shut them down for a while. A person who is conscious does not allow thoughts to turn into feelings.

In the awakened state, the body is pure. Now you join complete knowledge. Your body feeds you feelings of inspiration, passion, excitement. You are bursting with positive energy deep inside and you channel this into loving others and creating. Your body is, indeed, your greatest teacher. Respect it and use its wisdom. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


You are loved for the truth in you.

Pitch 8

To find perfect love and happiness in life, you need to do just one thing. This isn’t hard, but it is very different.

Think about this: whenever you have chosen to be less than honest about anything, you have created suffering. Not only does withholding honesty cause ongoing worry and stress, you ultimately face crisis whenever the truth is exposed, right?

I’m sure your dishonesty is well-intentioned. But it always ends up making you feel vulnerable, fearful, and unfree because you are working so hard trying to make illusion real. This is an impossible goal.

The world is suffering and very sick because we continue to choose so much dishonesty. Only perfect honesty heals by breaking the cycle of suffering and crisis.

I want to share with you a powerful new eBook that will show you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or with your truths. This book reveals a radically different thought system that enables you to live in perfect honesty.

Come out of the dark. Tell your truth and live it.

Coming soon is the new eBook and Audiobook called The Switch—which teaches all the perspectives and tools you need to find lasting happiness in your life through the power of perfect honesty. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sacrifice is no path to happiness


We were taught to sacrifice not only our time and energy—but also our honesty. These days, it can seem impossible just to tell the truth. We’re made to feel guilty and afraid, always needing to prove who’s right and who’s better, in a game of pretending to be normal.

But almost every problem is first caused by a well-intentioned decision for dishonesty. We withhold honesty because we want to avoid problems in our relationships, but the result is always stress and confusion. Then, when lies are eventually exposed, the result of dishonesty is always crisis.

Only perfect honesty heals by breaking the cycle of suffering and crisis. I’ve just finished writing a powerful new eBook called “The Switch”. This book will show you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, and no reason for you to withhold honesty. This book sets you free to come out of the dark, to tell your truth, and to live it. Now your life is going to get a lot more fun.

More to come. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.