We are consciousness

Life is a temporary dream. We escape this waking dream each night when we sleep. The dream ends when we die. But if all of life is only a dream, then there must be some truth which lies beyond it. Who are we, the ones experiencing this dream?

In life, there are two states of dreaming. We are either awake or asleep. Asleep, you are temporarily unaware that your dreams aren’t real and unaware of your “real life”. You only remember yourself and the details of your life when you wake up. So what happens when we wake up from this dream of life, which we all do when we die? Who are we really, the beings experiencing this dream?

We experience and perceive this dream of life with our senses. This reality is relative and, like any dream, it is temporary. Only humans experience this dream in this way, while other life forms experience the dream of life based upon how their bodies, minds and senses work. There is no ultimate truth here because everything is relative, unstable and ends at some point. Truth cannot change or it isn’t truth.

Who is the entity that all this is happening to? Who are we? There is an answer, but it can’t be perceived. We are consciousness and we are of the nothingness, the black matter, the empty space. This is the only dimension that is eternally true because it is unchanging. It gives birth to all that is and all that is returns to it. This is the dimension beyond the dream, and it is who we ultimately are.

To know this is to know the one truth that can be expressed in many ways. Come to know yourself as the observer of your dream. Your dream of life continues, but now you know it is a dream and you can enjoy it without stress or fear.

Aware of this truth, humans are free and perfect. Unaware, humans suffer terribly. If you don’t know or agree yet, just open your mind and keep exploring. Seeing beyond illusion is the ultimate success in life. It isn’t easy and often takes patience.


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Beware of the unhealed healer

If you are seeking help or healing from a guru, priest, therapist, life coach or medical practitioner — know only that healing cannot be of the ego.

We look for healers who are officially certified by institutions and therefore “credible”. In truth, centralized institutions are political — based on rules, rewards, punishment and status. All institutions are self-serving and egoic. They teach us to trust them and doubt ourselves. This is the opposite of teaching and the cause of suffering.

Then there are the countless gurus, spiritual leaders, life coaches and others. Watch carefully. Are they projecting image? Do their teachings involve judgment or do they preach unconditional love? What is their understanding of ego? Are they making a lot of money? Are they teaching you to become self-sufficient or to keep coming back for more? What do you know about their private lives?

The world is filled with fake experts whose advice is exactly wrong. There is only one path to healing, though it can be described in many ways. Healing is the undoing of ego, which is awakening, discovering consciousness, salvation, making peace with God, or aligning with love.

Healing can only happen in the absence of ego. Perfect bliss, peace, joy and health is extremely unusual in today’s world. To reach this state, you must be willing to go beyond what the world considers normal.

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To love is to humble yourself completely.

If you’ve ever been truly in love, it was because you had humbled yourself to such an extent that you had no ego. You laid yourself at the feet of your lover — offering irrational, exuberant, unconditional acceptance. You broke all your rules.

If you’ve never found true love, it is only because you’ve never humbled yourself.

True love can only exist between two people who have escaped their egos. If your relationship allows ego to survive, then there cannot be true love in that relationship.

You might think that to destroy the ego sounds drastic — even violent or abusive. This is not so, because this is not about ego destruction in the other. This is about you.

To shatter the ego is the most merciful act, the most loving act, the most beautiful thing that could happen to any person because the result is perfect love. Remarkably, this is a gift you can only give yourself.

This is what is meant when they say that first you have to learn to love yourself. Now you have learned. Love is the full escape from ego, which is what we will continue to learn about tomorrow and each day after that.


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Reality is safety. (A Course in Miracles)

You cannot remain safe and secure by protecting yourself from reality. But let’s first understand what we mean by “reality”.

When people return from vacation, they often say “back to reality.” In truth, the crazy life we come back to is probably less real than the reality of lying in the sun on the beach in stillness. When we think of reality, we imagine the opposite of safety—something harsh, challenging, dangerous. That’s why we try to protect our children from reality. But what we call “reality” is not reality.

Everything in this world is upside-down. When we say something is “unreal”, we mean that it is somehow supreme or even better than reality. Yet when we think of reality, we imagine the harshest, most extreme conditions, the worst politicians, the wars, the hardship and despair. Yes, this is all happening in the physical world, but it is all a miscreation of the collective ego. Let’s call it “insanity”, not “reality”.

We cling to illusion because we call insanity reality. Reality, itself, is eternal peace and joy—nothing to be afraid of. By misusing the word as a synonym for “insanity”, we become afraid. So we attempt to construct an artificial world that is safe. But nothing real can be found in darkness; only in the light of truth.

Reality, by definition, must be forever true and unchanging. True love is, therefore, reality. The ways in which every human being is the same, every life form is the same—that is reality. Oneness, consciousness, spirit—this is reality.

We embrace reality each day as we meditate, as we read spiritual teachings, as we align with the healing power of nature, and as we connect with each other in love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Reality cannot threaten anything but illusions. (A Course in Miracles)

The process of awakening requires no sacrifice. “The only source of fear in this process is what you think you will lose.” – A Course in Miracles

Spirit will never ask you to sacrifice anything. It will, however, expose your illusions. To awaken is to open your eyes. What is real will be in your field of vision. What was imagined will vanish in an instant.

Awakening as the still observer of the mind will fundamentally change your life. Dysfunction and suffering will be repelled from you. Sometimes this takes the form of losing contact with a friend or family member. If you do experience loss after awakening, it is only the necessary loss of illusion.

Now you are a perfect expression of love and acceptance. You have also claimed your freedom to be. Those around you, who may remain in the egoic state, will not like how you have changed. Their ego is not getting what it wants. It may be shocking for you to discover that, after all, you were not loved for who you are; rather, kept around merely to play your role and to serve your purpose.

When illusion is exposed, nothing can be lost but what was unreal all along. Only the truth remains. True love endures. The value you create and the way you serve other people continue to be honored and valued. The beautiful being that you are will finally be accepted and appreciated. You are now free to fulfill the purpose of your life as you exist in perfect love, peace, freedom and abundance.


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You cannot love your partner one moment and attack the next.

If your relationship has frequent ups and downs, it is likely that you and your partner are suffering from dependency. True love is free from attack or argument and absent of blame, judgment, and guilt. Love does not struggle and knows no right or wrong. So why do couples fight?

All throughout life, the ego attempts to make itself real within us by clinging to an external sense of identity. The ego’s urge is to finally be happy and complete through the identification with status, accomplishments, relationships or possessions. It wants to be respected, listened to, and cared about. But this never quite happens because the ego is not worthy of respect, ought not be listened to, and should rightly be ignored.

All other strategies having failed, the ego finally looks to the special relationship—trying to find that one person who is yours, within your control, loyal only to you. For this, you concede the same, and the normal, monogamous romantic relationship is born. This is what people call falling in love.

Now there is a new center to your universe. For a time, you think you’ve found it—the key to permanent happiness. The problem is that your sense of identity and source of happiness is still external; dependent upon another person who is supposed to make you happy. You both need each other to behave according to strict rules in order to play along that the relationship is working. You also need to project an image out to the world as the perfect couple or family. All this requires a lot of acting, a lot of dishonesty—which causes suffering.

When the failure of this arrangement becomes apparent, the ego blames the other person rather than recognizing the falseness of the fundamental illusion being constructed. Now you frequently fight as though you are the worst of enemies. You make up, feel better, then attempt to move on. But it keeps happening again and again. The world sees a perfect couple, but it isn’t so.

Lasting love and joy are only to be found within. Know yourself and love yourself, then extend it freely. This is the holy relationship; which is based upon openness, unconditional acceptance, mutual respect and freedom. Only the holy relationship offers the kind of ongoing, endless bliss we all desire.  


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The deeper good

“To perceive errors in anyone, and to react as if they are real, is to make them real to you.” — A Course in Miracles 

Spirit and ego are two opposing thought systems. They have nothing in common, cannot see each other, and cannot communicate. If you see errors in anyone, then it is because you are perceiving ego with ego.

Know that everything the ego does is meaningless and insane. There is no need to react, or attempt to correct, on the level of insanity. If the ego cannot correct itself in you, do you think you can correct it in another? Insanity cannot undo insanity.

By reacting to insanity in any form, you are activating your ego and attempting to make insanity real. This is belief in illusion, which can only result in error and suffering — which can only be undone when you remember again who you are.

See the truth in yourself and everyone — the pure consciousness, not the ego. Observe consciousness with consciousness. Here there can be no form of communication that is not joyous and peaceful, nothing other than love.


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I love you for the truth in you. (A Course in Miracles)

“You can no more pray for yourself alone than you can find joy for yourself alone.” -A Course in Miracles

Alone, we may want, pray, or ask the universe for help. Then we wait for answers which never seem to come. A Course in Miracles tells us, “There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard.” Today’s message is one of those answers and should be read carefully.

Miracles are your birth right. The way to manifest miracles is to give to spirit. To receive a little miracle, give a little. To receive a big miracle, give more. For your salvation, give all. But do not give to anyone’s ego, only to the truth in them—which we can call spirit.

To give to spirit is to ask of spirit. If the giving is pure, spirit always answers yes. How do we know whether we are giving to spirit? You can recognize spirit by seeing the same truth in others that also exists within you. When spirit has been recognized, then give to it what is real about you to it. By so doing, you will receive equally to what you give.

It is impossible to get much for little. That which is gotten without giving is not valued and is therefore not truly received. True giving can be called love. All abundance is found in love.

“This is not going beyond yourself, but toward yourself.” We continue to connect in loving oneness tomorrow and each day after that.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.

The truth can only be within you

“You cannot distort reality and know what it is—and if you do distort reality, you will experience anxiety, depression, and ultimately panic because you are trying to make yourself unreal.

When you feel these things, do not look beyond yourself for truth. For truth can only be within you.” A Course in Miracles

People think they have many problems, but almost all problems arise from a core problem: ego, or the belief that you are your thoughts. Human suffering, problems, struggles, negative emotions and crisis all flow from the one problem of ego—and it is a sickness which we all have the power to easily heal.

Anxiety, depression, panic, disease, and all forms of fear invariably emerge from any mind that believes it is somehow above reality. The unobserved, conditioned mind sees itself as separate from the entire universe and, therefore, believes it is capable of manipulating reality according to its liking. This is frustrating, because the mind doesn’t have the power to make real what is not real. Even if it did, we can’t know what’s good or bad. Reality is too complex, there are too many variables to be grasped and controlled. The truth of what is must, therefore, be merely accepted. Now the mind can respond optimally to reality, fulfilling its natural function.

The ego is the one problem of this world—a problem which can easily be undone by anyone who simply wants to stop causing suffering and start enjoying life. Escape the ego by choosing perfect honesty, wanting only truth, and being only love. This instantly and permanently stops you from doing all those things which cause unnecessary suffering to yourself and others—ending your problems and returning us all to our natural state of joy.


Choose lasting happiness through the power of perfect honesty. Read The Switch.